Supervisor Training Credential Program

Illinois is leading the nation by offering experienced school psychologists, who are interested in supervising trainees, now in a virtual  training opportunity to earn an ISPA endorsed credential in supervision.

ISPA Supervisor Credential Program Information
Supervision When Schools Are Closed

Upcoming Training 

Illinois is leading the nation by offering experienced School Psychologists, who are interested in supervising trainees, a FREE training opportunity to earn an ISPA endorsed credential in supervision.  This link provides a description of the program Supervisor Credential Flyer. We are pleased that a team led by Dr. Mark Swerdlik will be hosting a remote training option so that individuals may take advantage of advancing their supervision skills from the comfort of their home or office and interact and dialogue with other school psychologists across the state about this important competency. The training is offered across four days in an attempt to maintain participant engagement and allow professionals a half-day for other commitments. Participants must be an ISPA member and complete all four, 3-hour training sessions and the metasupervision hours to earn the credential. Upcoming dates for the first remote training offering (four separate meetings) are as follows. Please register for each day and time to complete the training.

Registration is Opening Soon!


October 2023 Training 

The Training will be held virtually. 

Mon,  October 16th          4:00pm - 7:00pm

Mon,  October 23rd          4:00pm - 7:00pm

Tues, November 7th         4:00pm - 7:00pm

Mon, November 13th        4:00pm - 7:00pm





October Session Trainers:  
Beth CasperPh.D., Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist (LCSSU), Melissa B. Hanke, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist (LADSE), and Jeanette Quirk, M.A., NCSP (LADSE). The trainers are aware that they will need to keep accurate records of attendance and that participants must complete all  "units" and metasupervisions to receive the credential.  We plan to offer some "makeup sessions" as needed. 
We will reach out to existing registrants when trainings are rescheduled in the future. For more information please contact the program trainers or ISPA Professional Standards:

Training Information

These ISPA members have completed the course and experience requirements to earn the ISPA Supervisor Credential.  They are prepared to provide clinical supervision consistent with contemporary best practices.