Presidential Perspective


April 2024 

The POWER of UNITY: School Psychologists Inspire, Empower, and Propel Students to Greatness

ISPA Presidential Perspective

I hope that you are refreshed after Spring Break and are ready to finish the fiscal year strong. I truly believe in the Power of Unity and our capacity to bring people together.

As School Psychologists, we have the skills and knowledge to engage in tremendous work and the capacity to bring many voices to a common resolution. It takes us working with many perspectives to make a difference in the lives of students, as well as to build collaborative relationships with families. As School Psychologists, we encounter challenges, yet we always find ways to persevere and shine. 

I am always amazed by the incredible work of the ISPA volunteer leaders to always ensure that we have relevant and much needed professional development. The entire team keeps us informed about relevant topics to further enhance our knowledge, skills, and preparedness to face the next situation in our roles. The engagement of attendees at this years’ convention was impressive. The presenters meet the charge to Inspire, Empower, and Propel all of us to continue our work to support students, families, and one another. 

To avoid making the mistake of forgetting any of our dedicated volunteers and staff, I say to all involved, WELL DONE and THANK YOU!  The 2024 ISPA Convention was EXCEPTIONAL!!!


To School Psychologists, YOU ARE: 

The Support We Need - RG Adoption Consulting

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does ISPA do for me as a School Psychologist?” I am so glad that you asked. ISPA has amazing volunteers who work diligently to ensure that we are always prepared to fulfill our roles as School Psychologists. 

Now, ask yourself, “How can I contribute to further enhance the work of ISPA?” Volunteer leaders meet regularly to advocate for expansion of funding for School Psychology Programs, student funding to curve the cost of tuition, and funding for the retention of School Psychologists in the field. We receive exceptional professional development at the state level to ensure that we as Illinois School Psychologists receive credits that satisfy national standards. This is a tremendous benefit and cost savor for those who are Nationally Certificated School Psychologists. When NASP comes to Chicago, your ISPA membership will allow you to convert your NASP professional development credits to ISBE standards. Another member only benefit. We have a nationally recognized newsletter, the ISPA School Psychology in Illinois (SPII).  There is also a monthly bulletin communication to keep you apprised of the here and now, ISPANow.

Did you know that ISPA has a lobbyist who monitors legislative activities and collaborates on our behalf to ensure that our profession is protected. ISPA also partners with sister agencies and builds allies to help us to expand our legislative outreach and to broaden the awareness of our profession. It is up to all of us to expand our scope and to ensure that School Psychology as a profession is in the forefront of conversations.

How do I get involved? I am so glad that you asked. These are some of the ways that you can immediately get engaged with the work of ISPA:

  • Get involved with a committee, be a mentor, share relevant information for publication in the newsletter or the monthly bulletin, represent your Region and meet more colleagues, nominate someone for an award or recognition, attend a Governing Board meeting, serve as a Liaison to a related professional organization, and so much more. Share your interests and let us help you figure it out.

You absolutely have the skills to help make a difference. Commit less than an hour a month and make a tremendous contribution to the change that you want to see within an organization that works for you.  

Seriously, volunteering is easy and most volunteer work is less than an hour per month. Everyone can help a little. The leaders are not ISPA. The School Psychologists in the state of Illinois are ISPA. Bring your interests to the table and let’s figure out how we can expand our outreach to meet the needs of the current and next generation of School Psychologists. 

Rather than being Apart from the work of ISPA, let us become a united force of School Psychologists working together as A Part of collaborative work doing great things that we have been trained to do. As School Psychologists we engage in progressive work, and a unified voice benefits our profession! 

Questions that you should consider as A Part of collaborative work, rather than alone:

  • How am I dealing with the increase in the academic achievement gap of students? 

  • Am I seeing changes in the resiliency of students related to academic and social demands?

  • What trends do I see in the world of ever-growing social media platforms that is targeting younger children?

  • Why am I seeing an increase in the number of students experiencing mental health crisis moments during school hours? 

Get rid of the “I” and insert “we”. These are matters that are important to School Psychologists. Volunteer to be A Part of an ISPA Committee to help expand our outreach and capacity to tackle big issues. Whether you are a retiree, seasoned veteran, early career, or a student, there is a place for you to be included in the work ISPA. 

If you would like to see change in ISPA, be a voice and person of action to see it through.

This year of my Presidency has been full of amazing and rewarding experiences. My level of self-reflection for the work that happens “behind the doors” has been jaw dropping. I am truly grateful to work with my colleagues on matters that matter to our profession. I have high regard and respect for their commitment and dedication to making things happen. 

My final message is to inform you that a draft of the proposed amendments to the ISPA Constitution and Bylaws will be shared for your review and feedback. Members have 60 days to review the documents before voting. Instructions will accompany all communications. 

I look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks to determine how you can be A Part of the wonderfully exciting work to come within ISPA!

Continue to Inspire, Empower, and Propel students to greatness!

Best to you for a strong finish to the school year,

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D., NCSP, LCPC
Illinois School Psychologists Association
[email protected]