2020 Poster Session from the Annual ISPA Convention in Springfield, IL

These are the 2020 posters that were presented at the convention. These posters represent student and practitioner research and projects. Included is the complete poster list and presenter contact information, as well as links to digital copies of several of the posters.  More may be included as they are made available.


Poster Session 1 (6:45pm-7:30pm)

                   Title                                                              Presenters                                                Email                                         Affiliation

Poster 1 Generalizing and Predicting Across Time: An Exploration of the Psychometric Adequacy of Data Collected from an Abbreviated Self-Report Rating Scale for Adolescents

Samuel S. Whitley, NCSP


[email protected] Springfield School District 186
 Poster 2 Who Gets in Trouble? Office Disciplinary Referrals and Bullying Behavior

Kristina Wiemer, Kaitlyn Ayala, Ruth Jeong, Kathleen Kelly, DaShae Rodriguez-Harris, Logan Riffle, Michelle Demaray, Ph.D. & Christine Malecki, Ph.D.

[email protected] Northern Illinois University
Poster 3 Teacher's perceptions of likeability and characteristics in racially different boys

Amber Richardson


[email protected] Illinois State University
Poster 4 Review of Teacher Well-Being Interventions and Implications for School Psychologists

Moira Wendel, Kellie Menter, Dr. Julia Ogg

[email protected] Northern Illinois University
Poster 5 Indirect Offensive Language Use: Association with School Climate

Kathleen Kelly, Logan Riffle, DaShae Rodriguez-Harris, Kellie Menter, M.A., Julia Ogg, Ph.D, Michelle Demaray, Ph.D., & Christine Malecki, Ph.D.

[email protected] Northern Illinois University
Poster 6 Bystander Behaviors in Bullying: Effects of Teacher and Classmate Support

Logan Riffle


[email protected] Northern Illinois University
Poster 7 Child-Focused Assessment of Protective Factors for Suicide Risk in ASD

Jessica Rillo, Dr. Karla Doepke, Garrett Hawkinson

[email protected] Illinois State University
Poster 8 Parent and Teacher Perceptions of SEL in the Schools

Heather Calkins

[email protected]

Illinois State University


Poster Session 2 (7:45pm-8:30pm)

                 Title                                                                    Presenters                                                   Email                                   Affiliation

Poster 1 A Formative Evaluation of MTSS in a Midwestern Elementary School

Krystal Remijas, Dr. Mark Swerdlik


[email protected] Illinois State University
Poster 2 Directly Assessing the Five Critical Features of Effective Classroom Management

Allie Cardot, Kaylee Hampton, & Margaret T. Floress, PhD

[email protected] Eastern Illinois University
Poster 3 Assessing Pre-service, Early Educators' Use and Knowledge of Effective Praise

Megan Evans, Jess White, Ashlyn Wingate, Margaret Floress, Ph.D.,  Frances Murphy, Ph.D.


[email protected] Eastern Illinois University
Poster 4 Strategies for at-risk youth achieving and avoiding distal goals

Keeley Hynes

[email protected] Illinois State University
Poster 5 Investigating school psychologists' practices in conducting psychoeducational evaluations in Illinois

Samantha Estrada, Emma Peterson, Matthew Sullivan, MacKenzie Sidwell

[email protected] Western Illinois University
Poster 6 Supporting Teachers in Classroom Management with Empirically-Supported Antecedent-Based Strategies

Moira Wendel, Esther Yi, DaShae Rodriguez-Harris


[email protected] Northern Illinois University
Poster 7 Passage Effects on Curriculum-Based Measures in Reading

Esther H. Yi, B. A. and Kara M. Styck, Ph.D.

[email protected] Northern Illinois University